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Welcome to the Farfelu Rabbitry website! Farfelu is an ARBA-registered, hobby rabbitry
specializing in pedigreed Harlequins and French Angoras. We are located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

Although we have specific development goals for both our herds, we always breed for good temperament. All of our rabbits would make wonderful companion animals; they are handled
regularly and we cull any that show vicious tendencies.

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French Angoras

French Angoras were originally bred as dual-purpose rabbits. We breed for
a good commercial body as well as long, dense wool in a variety of natural
colours. These buns are sweet-tempered and are ideal rabbits for hand-


The goal of our Harlequin breeding program is to improve the Harlequin's
potential as a commercial rabbit while maintaining the fascinating patterns that
give the breed its name. Although the ARBA standard awards only 10 points
each for fur and general type, we feel it is a disservice to the animal to breed
primarily for colour and markings. We want our Harlequins to have a wide loin,
well-rounded hindquarters, and full shoulders first, and good markings second.
We maintain both Japanese and Magpie varieties.